Red Gracilaria Tikvahiae (Red Spiked Sphere)

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Red Gracilaria Tikvahiae (Red Spiked Sphere)

Red Gracilaria Tikvahiae

Red Gracilaria Tikvahiae is a live plant food, and provides an excellent source of nutrition for many herbivorous saltwater fish. If you are keeping Angelfish and Tangs, basically any herbivore, this would be a very good option for a natural food source. Gracilaria Tikvhiae is typically found in coastal waters and estuaries. It's a very common macroalgae that can be found in the Caribbean. It's mostly red with some brown and green coloration. The branches extend from a single point and are long and slender, causing it to have a spiky appearance, hence sometimes be referred to as a Red Spiked Sphere algae. Red Gracilaria does well in well lit aquariums with a moderate water flow. If placed in a refugium, you can leave it unattached. 

This portion is baseball size.