About Us


 Shop With Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish And Avoid The Middle Man!

Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish is a family business.  My name is Jason Fox (that's me up above). I own and operate my business with the help my wife of over 20 years, Amy Fox; as well as with the help of our teammates Arynne and Codey. I grew up in the Florida Keys, and you could say that I am addicted to the ocean. About 90% of our products are hand collected by Codey and I.  This is important because it puts less stress on the marine life. They go from the ocean, to my holding tanks, and finally to your door. Other businesses may have harvested them with harmful chemicals, mistreated them, starved them so they can ship from wholesaler to wholesaler then to your local fish store and eventually to you.  Each of those steps are tough on the marine life. We use medicated systems for our fish. We use Coppersafe and Nitrofurizone for bacterial infections. We typically hold them for 7-10 days before shipping. We have thousands of gallons of tanks.

I Promise I Am Not Ignoring Your Emails

Please be aware that most days I am underwater collecting marine life. So if you call or email several times, you are not being ignored by a customer service department.  I will try my best to return the email that night or early next morning.  In some cases it may take longer but if it’s been a few days, there may have been a problem, so please reach out to me again. Running a direct to consumer business is time consuming, but worth it. I spend a lot of time collecting marine life, maintaining all the tanks, corresponding with customers, and packing all the orders.  I enjoy what I do and it consumes me 7 days a week.  For me, the old adage applies, IF you like what you do, it's not exactly work. I do truly care about my customers and marine life.  I hope you choose Foxy Saltwater Tropical Fish because I am involved in every step, from catching to inspecting it, and for packing it for you. 

Thank you for trusting us for your aquarium needs!