Beau Gregory Damsels

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Beau Gregory Damsels

The Beau Gregory Damselfish is an overly aggressive fish, so usually only one should be kept per tank. An aquarium of 50 gallons or larger will provide a suitable environment. They are the king of the tank, big or small, they will dominate your tank. Although very aggressive they are considered reef safe. The Beau Gregory Damselfish is a very popular fish at all our dive sites! They feed on a variety of meaty items, herbivore preparations, and flaked foods. 

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    Damsel Galore

    Posted by Minh Nguyen on 27th Aug 2019

    I must have ordered about 30 of these little guys from Jason. Active and beautiful damsel fishes. They can be aggressive though if you don't have a large tank. The males will duke it out for dominance until one succumb in a small enclosure. Don't buy many and keep in the same tank if the tank isn't large. These are territorial fishes but beautiful. Highly recommend getting them from Jason.

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    Jason strikes again

    Posted by Minh Nguyen on 21st Aug 2018

    Beautiful damsel. I just wished he had more.

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    Beautiful fish

    Posted by Jeff on 15th Apr 2018

    This little guy is so beautiful and so active. He is eating well.

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    Awesome fish

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jul 2015

    He's a little shy but came heathy and is eating