Bi-Color Damsels

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Bi-Color Damsels

As the Bi-Color Damsel matures, it becomes extremely aggressive towards other fish causing problems in selection of other fish to add to the aquarium. A 30 gallon tank or larger is suitable in size for the Bi-color Damsel. It feeds on zooplankton and algae and is prone to disease if proper aquarium management is not practiced. The diet should consist of a variety of meaty items, frozen preparations, and some vegetable matter.

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    Bi-color Bullyfish

    Posted by The Doctor on 7th Aug 2021

    I bought one of these little guys mistaking it for a Bi-color Chromis, it is not - LOL! Very hardy, active, well mannered little fish - at first, then it grows VERY quickly - as does it's attitude! It was well behaved enough at first letting me think I bought what I thought I did. Over a brief period it changed. The white back half gradually shrank, tail first until the entire fish became black as coal, it's size doubling within a month, as did it's attitude. Strong hardy fish, but make sure the tank you add it to is full of AGRESSIVE fish, this little fellow is a killer! In the right tank, it would be fine, but do not add to your common community tank, unless you want to thin the population! Hardy, but deadly - isn't that usually how fish are?

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    Boss of the Tank

    Posted by Lynn Stamps on 4th May 2021

    Little fish is full of energy. Never stops going and kind of a bully, but very entertaining and fun to watch.

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    Some thing different and unique compare to all regular damsels

    Posted by Manish Argade on 25th Jan 2021

    Very healthy and easy to acclimate

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    Bi-Color Damsel

    Posted by Mona McCulley on 27th Apr 2018

    Big and healthy. Nice addition to the tank.