Blue Leg Hermit Crab

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Blue Leg  Hermit Crab

Care Level: Easy 
Temperament: Peaceful 
Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025 
Max. Size: 1" 
Diet: Omnivore 
Origin: Caribbean 
Family: Diogenidae 
Scientific name: Clibanarius tricolor

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    Small and cute!

    Posted by Amanda Alexander on 7th Apr 2018

    my daughter was excited to get these. Unfortunately one decided to crawl out of his shell and ended up dying soon after. Also it was very cold the day they shipped to me and wasn't able to stay warm enough. When I order again I'll watch the weather!

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    Blue Leg Hermit Crab

    Posted by melissa coston on 5th Apr 2018

    lost one in shipping but others were very healthy and active!!no complaints here!!!

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    Blue leg hermits

    Posted by Kandis Miano on 8th Sep 2017

    Arrived in good condition an all were very active an moving around, packed well!

  • 1
    Very Small

    Posted by Stephen Blum on 17th Dec 2016

    The Blur Hermit crabs were so small you could barely see their legs at all let alone a blue color. The size of the picture displayed is not indicative of what you may receive

  • 5
    Nice addition

    Posted by Chris Sebald on 5th Jun 2014

    these little curious creatures were such a wonderful addition to my seahorse tank... one has already moved into a larger shell... Love watching them!

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    blue legged hermit crabs

    Posted by Robert Litner on 16th Jan 2014

    got many different sizes with some colorful shells.

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    Posted by Unknown on 31st May 2013

    I love my beautiful hermit crabs. They are healthy active and really big. They are beautiful color.

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    Busy Little Critters

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2012

    All hermits arrived in great shape and got busy cleaning right away

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    Posted by Ryan on 9th Nov 2012

    Ordered 5, all healthy and active after drip acclimating. Moving around my tank like they own it!