Chalk Basslets

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Chalk Basslets

The Chalk Bass, from the Caribbean, is one of the smaller bass within this family, and is a great fish for beginners.  An aquarium with plenty of live rock for hiding  is ideal for the Chalk bass. They are typically not aggressive towards other fish, and as long as multiple specimens are added to the aquarium at the same time they do well. They are reef safe and will not pick at corals or sessile invertebrates and are considered to be a great fish for the reef aquarium.  A fantastic aquarium fish,they require a diet consisting of a variety of chopped meaty items, vitamin enriched frozen brine and mysis shrimp and will also eat flake foods. In our area of the Keys they are very hard to find. We usually only get them in the summer unless we import them from DR.

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    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2018

    Packaged very well! Eating great! Strong swimmer! Other tank mates don't bother him and he doesn't bother them. His markings are extraordinary colorful! Especially under blue lights!

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    Chalk Basslet

    Posted by Mark Maxe on 4th May 2017

    Much bigger than expected. Hid out for a couple days but has since come out and is eating well and healthy. Really nice fish a lot of people don't have.