Common Seahorse 2 pair

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Common Seahorse 2 pair

Common Sea Horses are wild caught.  It is best to have live food for ready for them you receive them.  Often I have them trained to eat frozen gut loaded with SELCO BOOST.  I also suggest having that product on hand to offer what they have been used to getting. This is 2 males and 2 females.

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    2 Pair of Common Seahorses

    Posted by Tonia Roy on 30th Nov 2019

    What a gorgeous group of horses that has been sent to me! I was concerned because UPS decided they needed to spend an extra day in transit and sent them up to PA rather than north Florida as expected. They are not only doing well, but they have arrived with a pregnant male that is absolutely beautiful. My current horses are happy for the new friends ad all are eating well. Thank you so much!

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    Common Seahorse 2 pair

    Posted by Elwood Lester on 8th Nov 2019

    Foxy Saltwater Fish has the best pricing on these very healthy seahorses. One of my males arrived very pregnant and they all have accepted frozen mysis.

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    2 pair common sea horses

    Posted by JOE MARTIN on 19th Sep 2019

    All arrived in great shape within 24 hours of order, wow. All four look great, one Male is pregnant. Thank you so much for the great service. I noticed the water they came in was 1032, I usually keep my tanks at 1024-1025. Took a while to acclimate. Every thing is great. Not sure if that ocean water is always like that. But it is definitely good measure for customers to check S.G. for best acclimation. Thanks again, top notch service.

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    common sea horses

    Posted by kimberlie smith on 20th Aug 2019

    there are big and healthy their names are Elizabeth and franco

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    Posted by Karen McCUe on 20th Apr 2019

    These seahorses are STELLAR! I wouldn't order from anywhere else. They are very healthy and do extremely well. TOP NOTCH!!

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    Seahorse 2 pack

    Posted by Emma Long on 6th Jan 2019

    The seahorses all arrived happy and healthy. They all ate frozen brine shortly after acclimation. I would definitely recommend to everyone! The order was shipped 24 hours after I placed the order and the seahorses are incredible and magestic. Customer service is amazing as well as the product!

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    I am in awe!

    Posted by Melissa Lunsford on 26th Jan 2018

    I just received my shipment this morning. They are gorgeous. The picture doesn't do them justice. Since they are wild caught, I expected to have a problem getting them to eat anything besides live shrimp. All 4 are already eating enriched frozen brine shrimp and seem to be content. I would most definitely purchase them again and recommend them to anyone else.

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    2 Pair Common Seahorses

    Posted by Corri on 9th Dec 2017

    They arrived beautiful and frisky. Be sure to have some live marine goods on hand for them. It is fun to watch them flirt with each other.

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    Beautiful Seahorses

    Posted by Billie Anglin on 6th Dec 2017

    I received my 2 pair of seahorses and I was very surprised by their size! They were huge and healthy and began eating right away.