Common Seahorse Pair- The Male is Pregnant

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7.00 LBS
 Common Seahorse Pair- The Male is Pregnant


Hippocampus Erectus

a male and female about 4-6 inches.  

The male is pregnant. Common Sea Horses are wild caught.  It is best to have live food for ready for them you receive them.  Often I have them trained to eat frozen gut loaded with SELCO BOOST.  I also suggest having that product on hand to offer what they have been used to getting.

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    Papa gives birth

    Posted by June Eddings on 18th Jun 2015

    Recieved my pair of Erectus seahorses, papa was very pregnant, with in one hour of getting settled papa gave birth. approx. 50 fry. Have lost some but everybody doing ok today. Thank you Jason.

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    My Seahorses

    Posted by Gregg on 16th Apr 2015

    I recently just started ordering from this company, and each shipment I have received has been in great condition. My seahorses have all been alive and doing well.

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    excellent service and sea horses

    Posted by tyler on 24th Mar 2015

    The sea horses are great and are lager than I expected. They are very active but having a hard time getting them to eat frozen foods. Does anyone have anyways to get them to eat frozen foods. Thanks

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    Excellent Quality, Top Rate Customer Service

    Posted by Gary on 12th Feb 2015

    I have several pair of younger seahorses which I paid hundreds of dollars per pair for (Ocean Rider). In order to get some experience in raising seahorse fry in anticipation of the younger seahorses breeding someday, I ordered the common pair of seahorses with the pregnant male. Jason did a great job at communicating when the shipment would be sent and ensuring the safe arrival of the seahorses. Although the male has not given birth yet, both seahorses are a lot larger than I ever expected them to be. The thing that makes this company so great is the high quality of the livestock they send and the unmatched customer service. Will definitely order again soon.

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    Everyone is alive, safe and happy

    Posted by June Eddings on 9th Jan 2015

    I ordered a common pair of seahorses with the male being pregnant. I received the parcel and opened it. At first I thought both the seahorses were dead. I could see that the male had had about half a dozen fry. There was not much water in the bag either. The horses were very very pale.and didn't move. I got them acclimated right away. it took them a long time , several hours to come around until I was comfortable with them, and that they would survive. After a while I put them into the big tank. took a long time, I really didn't think that they would make it. I went to bed uncertain if they would survive. The next morning they were up and moving and have now started eating frozen mysis. The next day the male gave birth to over 150 fry, most of which are doing great. starting to eat frozen baby brine.
    so it started off shaky but ended up ok so far. thanks guys, I will order from you again.

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    Excellent Shipment

    Posted by Tom G on 10th Dec 2014

    Pregnant papa gave birth about 24 hours after arrival. Excellent specimens. Very nice size. Jason's customer service is UNSURPASSED! I would highly recommend them.

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    Posted by Don on 9th Oct 2014

    Once acclimated to tank, doing great. Still awaiting arrival of baby sea horses, expect soon

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    Posted by brion on 13th Jun 2014

    The seahorses were big, beautiful and healthy prime example of their species and eating frozen brine and mysis shrimp from day one.

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    Doing Well

    Posted by Timothy on 5th Jun 2014

    Three of the four arrived in very good health. 4th one is needing some TLC, but working on it. If you purchase them these are WILD and you will need live food source. Overall very happy.