Dwarf Sea Horse-Mated Pair, The male is pregnant!

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Dwarf Sea Horse-Mated Pair, The male is pregnant!

Dwarf Sea Horse - Scientific name Hippocampus Zosterae

It may be best if these little guys are in a tank just for them so they do not have to compete for food. I recommend feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp with the Artemia species being the best quality. I would also suggest a tank with a low current and no coral. If they attach to coral it may burn them.


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  • 5
    Mated dwarf seahorse pair

    Posted by Kathlyn Barkley on 22nd Aug 2020

    I absolutely love my seahorses! Jason has been so amazing with answering all of my questions and even added an extra seahorse! I will definitely be ordering from him again in the future

  • 5
    Got them healthy

    Posted by Henry Puryear on 17th Jul 2020

    I enjoy the quality of animals I get from you
    They started eating shortly after being placed in their own pony ranch
    I feel blessed about the extra hermit crabs. They have been active and playful
    Thanks you
    Would a smalll
    Pipefish good roomies in a 10 gallon. Thank you again

  • 5
    Dwarf seahorses

    Posted by Brian on 4th Jul 2020

    I ordered the horses on a Monday, they shipped on Tuesday and arrived on Wednesday. Within 5 minutes of getting them acclimated and in our tank one of the males gave birth! Beautiful colors and very healthy! Would definitely order again!

  • 5
    New criiters

    Posted by Jeffery on 2nd Jul 2020

    They arrive yesterday. Always impressed with price and quality. I even got an extra pair. Thank you. I will order again soon.

  • 5
    Dwarf seahorses

    Posted by Mirna Rivas on 11th Jun 2020

    They got to me safe and beautiful thank you. The service was great

  • 5
    Dwarf seahorses

    Posted by David on 9th May 2020

    It was amazing to find these little ones. Got in mail is great health and waiting on babies now

  • 5
    Dwarf seahorse pairs w/ pregnant male

    Posted by Gregory Voss on 8th May 2020

    I ordered two pairs of ponies and you sent me three pairs, and one of the males gave birth in transit. They all appear to be in excellent shape and moved into their new home, surrounded by a small cloud of babies.

  • 5
    Dwarf seahorses mated pair male is pregnant

    Posted by selena alvarado on 7th May 2020

    I am totally in aw at them I purchased 2 and got 2 free !!! With another male pregnant. the next day I received them. In very good condition. Babies are doing very well and eating :)

  • 5
    Dwarf seahorse

    Posted by NEFERTERE on 30th Apr 2020

    The horses were perfect and the babies were delivered safely. They are very lively and active!!