Dwarf Seahorse Super 10 pack of seahorses for sale

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Dwarf Seahorse Super 10 pack of seahorses for sale

This 10 pack is usually 6 or 7 females and 3 or 4 males.  If I have many males in stock then I will match 5 and 5.  these guys do great in shipping and are easy to care for.

Dwarf Sea Horse - Scientific name Hippocampus Zosterae

They are about an inch in size. 

It may be best if these little guys are in a tank just for them so they do not have to compete for food. I recommend feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp with the Artemia species being the best quality. I would also suggest a tank with a low current and no coral. If they attach to coral it may burn them.

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    Very happy with these dwarf seahorses

    Posted by Linda Melough on 14th Jan 2021

    The 10 pack was a nice assortment of colors and sizes. All are thriving, active and feeding well.

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    Dwarf seahorse 10 pack

    Posted by Chelsea Elmore on 8th Jan 2021

    Received an extra baby that was attached to one of my adults. Al of done great in my first tank and are thriving!

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    They came quickly and all is well.

    Posted by Robert DeFinis on 8th Jan 2021


  • 5
    Arrived alive and well

    Posted by Gleeson on 22nd Dec 2020

    All 10 arrived in good condition and are thriving in their new home. About a week after they arrived I noticed 2 baby dwarf seahorses swimming around, had to put them in a separate fry tank. We now have 12.

  • 5
    Dwarf seahorses

    Posted by Stephanie Gray on 17th Dec 2020

    Excellent quality and service

  • 5
    10 Pack seahorse

    Posted by Thao Moua on 17th Dec 2020

    I order 2 of the super 10 pack and got 5 extra seahorse with my order, not to mention the seahorses came in fast and were healthy. Some of the males look pre pregnant and are very colorful after settling in. I highly recommend

  • 5
    Love these people

    Posted by stevenlancas@gmail.com on 12th Dec 2020

    Just amazing! How quick they are to help. The seahorses are beautiful!! Never had a problem that they haven't fixed or point me in the right direction.

  • 5

    Posted by Trinh bui on 10th Dec 2020

    It is amazing! They come fast and healthy. I just really happy for your product. The service is amazing too

  • 5
    Very pleased

    Posted by David Curry on 15th Oct 2020

    All 10 looked great and healthy