Dwarf Seahorse Super 10 pack of seahorses for sale

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Dwarf Seahorse Super 10 pack of seahorses for sale

This 10 pack is usually 6 or 7 females and 3 or 4 males.  If I have many males in stock then I will match 5 and 5.  these guys do great in shipping and are easy to care for.

Dwarf Sea Horse - Scientific name Hippocampus Zosterae

They are about an inch in size. 

It may be best if these little guys are in a tank just for them so they do not have to compete for food. I recommend feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp with the Artemia species being the best quality. I would also suggest a tank with a low current and no coral. If they attach to coral it may burn them. Soft Corals (like Gorgonians) are safe.


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  • 5
    Dwarf Seahorses

    Posted by Madeline Cann on 30th Oct 2022

    They all came alive and I even got a couple extra! These guys are super fun to watch swim around and each one has a unlike color scheme!

  • 5
    Oh My!

    Posted by Lorre Bumgardner on 5th Aug 2022

    I received my seahorses this morning in one day. All were healthy/thriving! I ordered ten but received more and I believe one of the males may be pregnant! This is my first venture into seahorses and I have no idea what to do if he is, but I'll have fun figuring it out. Will definitely order from you again :)

  • 5
    Healthy and Happy ponies!

    Posted by Alison White on 4th Aug 2022

    They arrived with a couple pregnant and looking fantastic, already started eating literally within a minute of removing them from acclimation and into the main tank.

  • 4
    Dwarf seahorses

    Posted by Jeff Leifer on 28th Jul 2022

    Wow, they truly are tiny creatures! Can’t wait til they get accustomed to their new home and increase activity level!

  • 5
    10pk Dwarf Seahorses

    Posted by Alina on 22nd Jul 2022

    I ordered 26 (including the 6 pack) and received 32, there were even 3 little babies. They shipped the same day I ordered them, and arrived the next morning. Aside from only 1 DOA, everyone arrived healthy and in great condition. Within a few hours of being added to their new tank, they all started eating and by the next day, some of them are even courting each other! Worth every penny

  • 5
    Absolutely the best in the world

    Posted by Raymond & Tara on 17th Feb 2022

    Just received our sea horses. They arrived early and in wonderful condition and I am beyond happy. I will only for now on only buy thru mysaltwaterfishstore.com I recommend everyone buy thru them. I’m SOOOOO HAPPY

  • 5
    Great Customer Service

    Posted by Bryan Stewart on 27th Aug 2021

    My seahorse were delivered fast and were all healthy as normally. I would not shop for any saltwater fish unless it's sold by mysaltwaterfishstore.com

  • 5
    Dwarf Seahorse 10pk

    Posted by Cory on 12th Jun 2021

    Excellent seahorses. All 10 arrive alive and shipping was very fast! Will definitely purchase from here again.

  • 3
    Dwarf seahorses.

    Posted by Marcella Morrison on 5th May 2021

    I wish to purchase them since I was notified that you have them in stock.