Flame Angel

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Flame Angelfish

The Flame Angel is a dwarf angelfish. It's stunning colors of bright orange with black stripes and blue tinges on their tails, makes it a popular choice for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. They will typically grow to about 4 inches long tops. Also the males will be larger and a little more colorful than the females of this species. In fact, when this fish are born, they are born as females - the largest one in the group will become a male. 

They are fairly hardy fish and are easy to care for as long as you understand how to maintain an aquarium environment for these type of angelfish. They can have an aggressive temperament when new similar sized fish are introduced to the tank as they are territorial in nature.

Flame Angel Care

  • This particular fish requires at least a 50 gallon aquarium with lots of hiding places and live rock for grazing.
  • Keep the PH above 8.0 and low nitrates in the water.
  • They are prone to nip at stony and soft corals and clam mantles.
  • If you plan to add one to a peaceful community, try to add it in after you have placed your other sea creatures.
  • They are hermaphroditic, this leads to being very difficult to breed in an aquarium. 
  • Flame Angels are omnivores but will eat some small animals. Their diet should consist of marine algae, high-quality angelfish preparations, spirulina, mysis or frozen shrimp, and other high-quality meaty items.

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    Flame angel

    Posted by chris young on 7th Dec 2017

    Beautiful fish! Fits in well! Came in healthy and ready to eat!