Green Gracilaria Sp (Green Ogo)

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Green Gracilaria Sp (Green Ogo)

Green Gracilaria for Sale

Green Gracilaria SP, also called green ogo, is a tropical macroalge that is an excellent algae scrubber and a colorful addition to your aquarium environment. It's a semi-transparent saltwater plan with a bright green hue, we also carry the red version. This green macro algae grows very fast and has a bush like growth pattern. It works super well for naturally removing nitrates - well suited for a refugium. They grow best under bright light. Green Gracilaria is also safe for fishes and corals. Tangs and Angelfish love to consume both Green and Red Gracilaria. Simply cut some of the algae residing in your refugium and place in the main tank for feeding.


The Green Gracilaria for sale comes in a portion that is roughly baseball size - it will grow bigger.