Buy with confidence! All livestock are carefully screened for size, quality, and health before shipping. Foxy Saltwater Tropicals guarantees that all livestock will arrive alive or we will issue a store credit or replacement it is our choice. Credit amount to be issued will be the purchase amount only, not the shipping costs.  The buyer is responsible for the shipping costs.

Terms and Conditions:

Customer must sign for package on the first delivery attempt -- even if Ups is late.

In the unlikely event your order not alive on arrival. Call or email immediately to report the loss. Be sure to include name, phone number, order number and a message. A picture is a must with the email. The picture needs to be clear and in focus.  You must show at least one picture of the item still in the unopened bag and an additional of the box and or packing material.

Customer should acclimate the critter slowly.  

Tank's water chemistry must be within the following parameters:
-Temperature - between 75 - 83F and constant
-Ammonia - 0.0 ppm
-Nitrite - 0.0 ppm
-Nitrate - 0.0 - 30 ppm
-pH - 8.1-8.4
-Specific gravity - 1.020 - 1.025

We will not be responsible for livestock that has died as a result of being harassed or picked on by other fish.  If your deceased critter goes 'missing' or gets 'eaten', we will not provide a refund. Many missing critters are hiding and are not deceased. It is your responsibility to provide proof of the deceased specimen.