Harlequin Basslets

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2.00 LBS
Harlequin Basslets

The Harlequin Bass is extremely hardy, and make a great starter fish  for beginners. A 30 gallon or larger aquarium with abundant hiding places provides a good environment. As the Harlequin Bass matures and grows, it may prey on any smaller fish or small crustacean tank mates. Although these fishes can boss around some smaller tank mates, they are not normally overly aggressive to different species. They do not get along with other Dwarf Sea Basses or even bottom dwelling fishes that occupy the same territory, so keep a close eye on them when mixing similar fishes or ones that occupy the same territory. I would reccomend only one Harlequin Bass per tank , unless they are a mated pair.The Harlequin Bass requires a diet consisting of a variety of chopped live meaty items and frozen prepared foods.

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    H bass

    Posted by Charles Baker on 3rd Aug 2017

    Healthy eating. And doing well adjusting to indigo hamlet

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    Very healthy and ate its first meal after an hour of acclimation

    Posted by Ben on 28th Nov 2014

    The one that I got really gets curious about everything that I put in the tank and eats it if he thinks it's food. Thanks, FoxySaltwaterTropicals.

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    First time customer

    Posted by Keith Brown on 22nd Sep 2012

    this fish was DOA! However all other fish look great and I am very pleased just looking forward to the arrival of the clam I orderd