Horn Shark (8-14")

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Horn Shark (8-14")

The Horn Shark (Heterodontus Francisci) is a species of Bullhead Shark, in the family Heterodontidae. It is found on the coastal waters off the western coast of North America, from California, to the Gulf of California. This is a healthy Horn Shark. Sizes will vary but generally are from 8-14 inches. If you are located near in or near California we allow local pick up.The Horn Shark has a very strong bite as it's jaws are powerful. It is recommended to feed using a feeding stick, as the shark may accidentally bite if fed by hand. Overall they are tame, but may become aggressive when feeding. All fish that will nip at the fins of sharks should be kept in a separate tank. Best to keep in pairs (2 Horn Sharks). Building a strong, secured rock structure in the tank is a must as they will like to hide in the daytime. Horn Sharks feed off of crabs, squid, shrimp, clams. It is recommended to use cleaned squid for feeding