Hypnea Pannosa (Blue Hypnea)

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Hypnea Pannosa (Blue Hypnea)

Blue Hypnea - Hypnea Pannosa

Hypnea Pannosa is commonly referred to as Blue Hypnea or as Blue Ochtodes. This beautiful blue macroalgae will make a stunning addition to your reef aquarium - note our photo does not do this iridescent blue ornamental algae justice. This particular macro algae is bushy in nature and has tight compact branches, and is also easy to grow. It is recommended that you use higher kelvin lighting / full spectrum lighting to keep its bright blue color at its peak. Many plant eating fish will consume blue hypnea, so you may want to keep this in your refugium.

You'll receive a portion of Blue Hypnea that is approximately 1 inch in size.  This hardy blue ochtode does well with a variety of flow and the correct lighting. It will grow fast with the right conditions maintained in your tank.