Lettuce Nudibranch

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Lettuce Nudibranch

Elysia crispata (Lettuce Sea Slug) It will do well in an aquarium, if provided with ample room to forage. It prefers an aquarium with live rock so that it can graze on algae. The Lettuce Sea Slug incorporates the chloroplasts (the portions of the cell responsible for photosynthesis) from the algae into its tissues, and thus relies on photosynthesis for part of its energy. It can be harmed by pump intakes and drains, so care should be taken to screen these off. It is sensitive to high levels of nitrate and will not tolerate copper-based medications.

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    Lettuce Nudibranch

    Posted by Mark Maxe on 21st Apr 2017

    Arrived alive and looked good packed with ulva. After acclimation have not been able find the little but am sure he is ok as he was active and crawling around the rock

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    Posted by Unknown on 12th Feb 2016

    Arrived in very good shape and went right to work

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    great site

    Posted by Dennis on 9th Apr 2015

    Arrived very healthy. Tried 2 other sites before and lettuce nudibranch arrived D.O.A. These went straight to work. If you are looking for lettuce nudibranch this is the only place to get them.

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    Really neat guy to watch

    Posted by Charles on 3rd Oct 2013

    Nice colors and really neat to watch, has been eating algae non stop since I added him to the tank.

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    Nice size!

    Posted by Ryan Pritchard on 29th Sep 2013

    Very nice size and color. Drip acclimated it had no problems.

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    Arrived Alive and Kicking

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2012

    Very active. He is eating all over the aquarium. Found him in my fuge today! Got sucked up in the overflow box. He was grazing on a bio ball. Put him back in the aquarium and placed netting material around the overflow.