Midnight Parrot (XXL 10-12 inches)

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Midnight Parrot (XXL 10-12  inches)

 Parrotfish are found in reef and seagrass habitats from Bermuda and Florida (USA) and all throughout the Caribbean in waters. Most of the time you can find them scouring coral rubble grazing on algae that grows on the epidermis of dead or alive corals.  You will see them occasionally by themselves but majority of the time you will find them in large schools grazing like a herd of cattle. They are not reef safe and are not the easiest to provide a stable home and food for. For this reason, you should be an experienced aquarist if you decide to go with any parrotfish. With my experience they will eat frozen brine shrimp and frozen krill.

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    Black parrot

    Posted by william e stanley on 5th Aug 2022

    Jason continues to outdo his competetors. Not only by the healthiest, flawless. Fish in the markets out there. He beats all his competetors by price. Even though the cost of petrolium has risen. His shipping prices are still the most reasonable. Plus when you spend 200.00 or more. Your shipping is free. Be come a regular andvrecieve loyalty. That takes another 15 0/0 off the total. I’ve been with Jason Itleast 7-8 years maybe longer. And as long as I’m in this hobby. He is my go to man. By the way. The midnight parrot and red tail parrot female are flawless and perfect. I decided to name them. The red Tajik I call foliage. Andvthe midnight is my otis. Nothing personal. Just seems fitting for him. He swims around like he’s in a singing mood. Plus, Otis is one of my favorite artist. Gone to young. Thanks again Jason.