Sea Cucumber

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Sea Cucumber

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    Good quality

    Posted by Melody O'Rawe on 26th Mar 2021

    I got two sea cucumbers. They arrived intact in a blackened bag. They seemed calm, with their insides staying on their insides. The larger beige one started moving around immediately, the yellow one took a few hours before it started moving.

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    Posted by Bob Bowman on 11th Feb 2021

    Was expecting bigger! Not like pic. But they are doing good!

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    Sea Cucumber

    Posted by Covid on 26th Mar 2020

    Came as should alive and happy

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    Posted by Rick Winans on 21st Apr 2019

    Awesome lively cucumbers

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    A little smaller, but nice coloring

    Posted by Matthew on 13th Apr 2018

    The one I received was quite a bit smaller than the picture, at about an inch and a half long. That said, it's a neat mottled white color with orange on it. Very neat addition to the tank.

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    Excellent Non-Kosher Pickles!

    Posted by Tom G on 10th Dec 2014

    Excellent specimens. Purchased two and they arrived in great shape. They often wander all over the tank then settle in one spot for a few days. They love the top of my power heads for some reason. Great customer service!

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    The colors where nicer than I expected

    Posted by Charles on 4th Oct 2013

    Mine have stayed out in the open so far and have spots that pop under the LED lights I have with certain settings. They are neat to watch feed than I thought they would be too.

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    Excellent Condition All Alive

    Posted by PFranco on 15th Aug 2013

    Received 5 via Fed. All specimens were in perfect condition.
    Do Beware of several things.
    1) They will excrete white spaghetti from teh anus and this is normal and part of their defense. You will see this in the bag when you receive.
    2) If you are ordering multiple one may emty its gut. I actually had one with its gut empty. Again it is normal as the shipping puts a little stress ont he animal.
    3) Reduce your flow on the sandbed if you you have strong flow. They will blow around until the get eating. I have Sugar Grain Argonite and they do sift it. However I have higher flow on the sandbed so they tend to stick in the reef work.
    4) They will scale your glass while wondering so be extremely careful with powerheads and intakes being exposed.

    Awesome color assortment and were active upon placement in the tank.

    To acclimate mine due to gut contents and the spaghetti tentacles in the bag I chose not to drip acclimate and immediately gave them fresh saltwater from the tank. Normally I would not do this but I did not want to risk their health and chose to take the chance.

    All have survived and are in perfect condition very healthy, nice color patterns.