Single Stem Plants, One of these-Shaving Brush, Mermaid Fan, Halimeda

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Marine Plants - Shaving Brush, Mermaid Fan, Halimeda

Marine Plants For Sale: Choose From Shaving Brush, Mermaid Fan, Halimeda

Scientific name...................Family Penicillus

Size.................About 2-6\""

Reef safe.................Look great for reef tanks. Alos good for filtering the water. They come with roots and can be planted in your substrate

Diet...........Filter feeder

Compatibility.............Some fish will feed on some but not all of the plants

How Common to this area.............Very Common. We usually have 4-6 different kinds


Shaving Brush

These easy to care for marine plants grow in sandy substrates and have excellent filtration capacity for nitrates and phosphates. The plant actually resembles a green shaving brush that is used to apply shaving cream. Long thin leaves extend from the center stalk creating that brush or feather like appearance. It's an attractive addition to your fish tank or aquarium or refugium. They do require a nice amount of light for healthy growth and will benefit from the addition of calcium and iron supplements. Herbivorous fish will not consume Shaving Brush plants, however there are some sea urchins may actually feed on these plants. 

Mermaid Fan Plant

The Mermaid Fan Plant (Udotea) is another easy to care for marine plant. It has a bright green color and typically grows to about 8" in height. This type of algae is common to the Caribbean. It will grow in sand and will also attach to live rock and coral. This plant is composed of calcium carbonate. Although mermaid fans are hardy plants, pruning is not recommended. Their diet consists of nitrates and phosphates found naturally in your tank water, but they will also require some calcium supplements and plenty of lighting to ensure optimal growth. Make sure when you plant them in your refugium or tank, that they have access to direct light. Most fish will not consume this particular plant.


Halimeda is a green macroalgae whose tissue contains calcium carbonate. Halimeda grows in tropical oceans both in shallow and deep water. The main root of the plant will attach to any sandy substrate or live rock found in your aquarium. It's typically referred to as Cactus algae because it looks like a prickly pear cactus - it has flat segments that join to together much like a pricky pear cactus. Halimeda grows slowly and maximum growth height is about 4". For a healthy plant, we recommend calcium supplements, carbon dioxide and aquarium fertilizer. If their leaves turn white, don't panic, segments of this algae will sometimes die and the white is the calcium carbonate from their tissue. 

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  • 5
    Very pleased wit purchase!

    Posted by Tiffany on 8th Jan 2015

    Added interesting greenery to our aquarium! Arrived healthy and seem to be doing good! Thank you!

  • 2
    Small very Small

    Posted by Matthew Hulme on 8th Sep 2014

    I only got 2 plants and they were very small. One Shaving Brush and one Very small Mermaid Fan. They were a nice color but very small and I thought I would have going some more. I am glad I just added this to an order I had in place because the Shipping would have killed me. Lol.

  • 5
    Great Price!

    Posted by Peter on 26th Aug 2014

    ordered 5 and I received 7! Well packed and fast shipping!

  • 5

    Posted by mary on 3rd Jun 2014


  • 4

    Posted by mary on 22nd May 2014


  • 5
    Coral and greens

    Posted by Deb on 26th Oct 2013

    This company is awesome,..all my coral and greens are soooo beautiful and hearty.. I would definitely order from them a matter of fact ...I am awaiting an order. Jason is so kind and helpful whenever I email him!! Again, great company!!!!

  • 1

    Posted by brion on 20th Sep 2013

    Halimeda was mostly bleached out and dead. I have pics. I've seen better in local pet stores. I was afraid to put it in my aquarium and tossed in the garbage. It was only 2 bucks, but still. ????

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    Not happy with plants...

    Posted by Delia on 5th Aug 2013

    I received 4 plants - two of the shaving brush 2 of a different type. So only 2 types. They were very small, which was fine, but one of the shaving brushes came all white, and the other one turned white after a couple of weeks. I'm guessing it's dead. The other two plants, one was smaller than the other one, and yellowish... so out of the 4 plants only 2 came looking good and only one is left looking good at this point. Maybe it was just a bad batch.

  • 5
    Good Plants

    Posted by Lee on 23rd Jun 2013

    I was very pleased with my assortment of plants. They arrived healthy and they are an excellent addition to my aquarium. Another great shipment from Jason!