Alpha Male Stoplight Parrot (Large 5-8 inches)

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Alpha Male Stoplight Parrot (Large 5-8 inches)

Stoplight Parrotfish are found in reef and seagrass habitats from Bermuda and Florida (USA) and all throughout the carribbean in waters. Most of the time you can find them scouring coral rubble grazing on algae that grows on the epidermis of dead or alive corals.  You will see them occasionally by themselves but majority of the time you will find them in large schools grazing like a herd of cattle. They are not reef safe and are not the easiest to provide a stable home and food for. For this reason, you should be an experienced aquarist if you decide to go with any parrotfish. With my experience they will eat frozen brine shrimp and frozen krill.

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    Simplythebest transaction

    Posted by Warren Blanchard on 11th Apr 2020

    Amazing fish. What a great fish. Customer for life

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    Amazing color wow wow

    Posted by Warren Blanchard on 9th Apr 2020

    Just got in the tank today. Looks great so far.

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    These Fish are Absolutely Gorgeous

    Posted by Joe Y on 24th Nov 2017

    I have purchased the Large and XL version of these parrots before. These two large I purchased are about 8in and as spectacular as the first time I purchased them. If you want to keep them you should plan to feed them good quality flake food from Omega One, Cobalt Aquatics, or Kelp, Spirulina, and brine and Mysis shrimp Flake. Also, feed freeze dried Plankton and Mysis shrimp. Can Also, feed pellet food but make sure they small enough to be swallowed and becomes soft quickly in water. Slow sinking is preferred but sinking works also. I never had any casualties shipping these parrot fish to PA. Fish always arrive in excellent condition. So, If you want nice parrot fish and at excellent price this is the site.

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    Very nice Fish and Size was Exactly as described

    Posted by Joseph on 5th May 2017

    Ordered 1 of these Parrot Fish and it was spectacular, excellently packed, and arrived in excellent condition. This was my 1st order from Jason and and was the best place I have purchased fish from online since 2004. He does not try to jam as many fish as possible in in one shipping box to save on shipping charges like other places I have dealt with. In fact, If you are interested in parrot fish, this is the place price, quality, and packaging all together. Also, followed up with me to see how fish were doing.