Strawberry Delight Pink Ultra Rock Flower Anemone

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Strawberry Delight Pink Ultra Rock Anemone

Strawberry Delight Pink Ultra Rock Flower Anemone

What a difference having a professional photographer makes! Taken under actinic lighting, this is a stunning example of what we are calling "Strawberry Delight Pink Ultra Rock Flower Anemone". This is a great fluorescing ultra rock anemone which you won't be disappointed in adding to your saltwater aquarium or if you have decided to create a rock flower anemone garden.

These stunning rock flower anemone have been sourced from the Caribbean ocean, specifically off the coast of the Florida keys. 

The size we sell are typically 1 - 3".

Ultra Rock Flower Information and Care

  • Reef Safe
  • Carnivorous
  • Not compatible with clown fish
  • Fairly hardy and easy to care for
  • Once settled will stay in one spot
  • Requires moderate to high lighting
  • Blue LEDs = best viewing colors
  • Supplements necessary for optimal health include trace elements and iodine
  • Dietary needs are mushed fish, mussels, brine shrimp, PE mysis, etc.

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  • 5
    Strawberry Delight

    Posted by BK on 13th Jun 2020

    Arrived in very good condition and immediately attached itself to a bright spot on a rock. Very bright pink and blue addition to my new nano.

  • 5
    Strawberry Delight

    Posted by Nick on 8th May 2020

    Wonderful colors on this one.

  • 4
    Mild Let Down

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2019

    I hate to give this variety anything other than 5/5 ; but I was disappointed with the individual I received. I had high hopes as this is my favorite variety and has the potential to be amazing! But the one I got, while still very pretty, it is pretty in a subtle way as the colors on this one were quite bland compared with all past ones i'd seen. I still recommend this one. But the "Popping Pink" variety stole the show this time, and "Strawberry Delight" didn't even give it a try.

  • 5
    strawberry delight flower anemone

    Posted by SEAN Williams on 2nd Mar 2019

    Great to see that what we saw on the site is in my tank now. All the details of the anemone are beautiful We will be buying more,would like to line my tank bottom with them. thanks

  • 5
    Strawberry Delight

    Posted by Gerry Price on 17th Nov 2018

    Another beauty! Healthy livestock from a company that understands customer service. I'll be buying more for sure!

  • 5
    so nice!

    Posted by scott marin on 26th Sep 2018

    such a nice shade of pink. absolutely gorgeous love it. I really wish people would review these more often. very happy!!