Upside Down Jellyfish (Cassiopea) Medium 2-4 inches

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Upside Down Jellyfish (Cassiopea) Medium 2-4 inches

The Upside Down Jellyfish are found in the shallow mangroves, mudflats, canals, and turtle grass flats in the Florida subtropical waters. The medusa (jelly form) usually lives upside down on the bottom, which is where they get their name. We find them in varying shades of white, blue, green and brown. Unlike most Jellies, they have a mild sting since they are primarily photosynthetic, but sensitive individuals may have a stronger reaction. The photosynthesis occurs because, like most corals, they have a Mutualistic Symbiotic Relationship with an algae called zooxanthellae that lives within their tissues. They are NOT considered Reef Safe. They typically do not do very well with any tank mates. They prefer a wide sandy bottom and it is better to supply high intensity light for photosynthesis. They can not tolerate copper or high nitrates in the water, and since their body is composed of 95% to 98% water, they can not handle a sudden change in salinity or pH. They do require a daily feeding of Zooplankton.


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    very pretty

    Posted by Jana Lindauer on 30th Jan 2015

    all in good health must use the drip system to acclimate we are really enjoying them