WYSIWYG Ricordea Coral 3 Pack #33 (they are not on frag plugs)

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 WYSIWYG Ricordea Coral 3 Pack #33 (they are not on frag plugs)

Ricordea Pack for Sale

This affordable ricordea pack comes with 3 hand selected ricordea. You’ll be pleased with the selection you receive – we specialize in vibrant colors. This is a great starter pack for someone who is looking to get into ricordea for their saltwater tanks. They are easy to take care of and will provide long lasting color for your aquarium. Perfect for the novice, these are easier to maintain the Pacific Yuma Mushrooms.

Ricordea Mushroom Specifications

You can expect to receive Ricordea Mushrooms that are more than 1” in diameter. When you receive your ricordea, please be aware that they can be a little aggressive. They’ll attach to any hard substrate, but because they are semi-aggressive, don’t place them too close to any other coral. If you are looking to frag them, wait until they are well established and they should do fine.

Caring for Your Ricordea Coral

Be sure not to have too heavy of a water flow or too much light – Florida coral ricordea need low to moderate lighting at most. Stay on top of your tank maintenance and these corals will do just fine. Following is a list of basic needs for the best health of your newly acquired Ricordea Pack.

How to Take Care of Your Ricordea Coral

  • Lighting should be low to moderate, PAR 80 – 250 is recommended.
  • Keep water flow at no more than low to moderate
  • Water temperature should be maintained at 75 to 80 degrees as these are tropical invertebrates.

 Want larger packs? We have a 10 pack and a 100 pack for sale too. You can expect a multitude of bright colors in these ricordea packs!