XL Tan Rod Gorgonian

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Tan Rod Gorgonian also called Rusty Gorgonian are found in the waters of the Caribbean.

Tan Rod Gorgonian / Rusty Gorgonian

Here's another gorgonian with a variety of names: Tan Rod Gorgonian, Rusty Gorgonian and Golden Sea Rod are some of the top ones. The Rusty Gorgonian is a photosynthetic octocoral. These are found in the Florida Keys where we source our gorgonians from for Foxy Saltwater Tropicals. They have a tree like appearance and grow in a vertical column. The branch colors range from tan, to golden yellow, to a rusty brown, hence all the name variations. The polyps covering the branches give the look of a bump appearance and white colored. 

The tan rod gorgonian is rather hardy and a perfect coral for the beginner saltwater aquarist. It also has a peaceful temperament and requires moderate care to maintain. While it is photosynthetic, we do recommend feeding your gorgonian several times a week to help keep it healthy. Also make sure you give it space in your aquarium to grow.

Care and Maintenance of Rusty Gorgonians:

  • Lighting: Moderate lighting is best.
  • Water Flow: Medium to strong water flow.
  • Water Temperature: Water temperature needs to be cool. 72 - 78˚F. 
  • Feeding: For optimal health, we recommend feeding them several times a week with plankton or invertebrate food.
  • Algae: Algae will harm your sea rod; stay on top of your tank maintenance and you should be fine. If your gorgonian becomes covered in algae, remove it from the tank and use a very soft brush to remove the algae. 
  • Supplements: Trace elements, iodine, strontium and calcium are highly recommended.
  • Reproduction: They can be pruned and propagated.