Collection: Clean Up Crew

Clean Up Crew for Saltwater Tank

Clean Up Crews for Saltwater Tanks are a natural, efficient and time saving way to keep your tanks clean. With the right reef cleaner package, you'll have invertebrates in place that will help control harmful nuisance algae, anaerobic sand beds, pests, detritus feeders and algae eating fish. So why not invest in a saltwater cleanup crew for your reef aquarium? We offer several clean up crew packages tailored to tank size or your particular needs.

What Invertebrates Are Found In A Typical Saltwater Clean Up Crew Package?

Saltwater clean up crew packages that include hermit crabs, snails, crabs, shrimp, and starfish make a great addition to your reef aquarium for an affordable price.

Hermit Crabs: No saltwater water clean up crew should be without hermit crabs. They are great at dealing with some yucky algae problems such as cotton candy algae, hair algae, film algae, detritus and more.

Snails: Snails are super cleaners. Some snails are great at digesting algae (film algae, hair algae) and even the nitrates that cause algae in the first place. Some snails also consume cyanobacteria, diatoms and detritus and others even consume leftover fish food.

Shrimp: The right shrimp will eat unwanted aiptasia anemones and keep these aggressive stinging critters under control.

Starfish: Starfish are great in a saltwater cleanup crew because they hide out in hard to reach places consuming left over food and other saltwater tank waste. They are the perfect scavengers.

Reef Clean Up Crew Packages Make Sense

Buying these hard workers as in one of our preset reef clean up crew package saves money. These active critters help to remove excess waste and eat different types of algae from your saltwater aquarium. Keep your reef aquarium clean and free of some of the most annoying and harmful problems that can occur.