Collection: Gorgonian

Gorgonian For Sale

Gorgonian corals also referred to as sea fan corals can be found across the ocean. Their greatest concentration though is through tropical and subtropical ocean waters. The Gorgonian for sale at Foxy Saltwater Tropicals are sourced straight from the waters of the Caribbean, which is where the greatest concentration of gorgonians are found. There a well over 1200 types of Gorgonians in the ocean. When placed in your saltwater tank, they will attach to the substrate.

Gorgonian Come in Many Shapes and Colors

A Gorgonian is a soft coral with small polyps. These corals actually have two types of polyps. The autozooid polyps function to consume plankton from the water. The siphonozooid polyps also have an oral cavity, but they consume water which supplies necessary oxygen to the Gorgonian. Their shapes vary, but some of the more well known include sea fan corals, whips, finger coral, bushy, sea rod and more. Their colors vary too. Beautiful shades of purple, red, yellow orange and blue can be found.

Gorgonian Care and Feeding

Gorgonians require a moderate level of skill and require more attention than some of the easier types of coral available for sale. There are two types of Gorgonians: photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic. Each as different needs.

Photosynthetic: These corals will require good lighting and a moderate to strong water flow. Some of these photosynthetic ones can be fed but they will be fine without additional food.

Non-Photosynthetic: These types eat a variety of items such as detritus, flaked fish food, mushed shrimp and frozen brine shrimp. Low to moderate lighting is best and a medium to strong water flow is needed.

A Gorgonian is a great way to add color to your saltwater aquarium or for your marine life to feel more at home.