Collection: Ricordea / Mushrooms

Florida Ricordea Corals

Foxy Saltwater Tropicals is proud to offer a great variety of hand collected Ricordea from the warm waters of the Florida Keys. In fact the varieties we sell are often referred to as Florida Ricordea. Ricordea can also be found in the Pacific and those varieties are referred to as Yuma Ricordea.

Ricordea Coral, Ricordea Mushroom – It’s All The Same

Ricordea go by various names. Some people call them Ricordea Coral, others Ricordea Mushroom. At the end of the day, one thing is for certain. They are a species of the coral family. They have no skeleton, so they are often appropriately referred to as false corals (yep another name!).

Many Standout Features and Easy To Care For In Your Reef Tank

One of the reasons why this type of coral is very popular with hobbyists is their bright colors which include blue, green, orange and red more. Their bodies are basically round in shape and covered with small bulbous tentacles and grow to be about 2 to 3" in diameter. Ricordea also have a mouth and can have even more than one mouth. They are also very easy to maintain and good for the beginning aquarist. They generally reproduce rapidly in captivity and spread over rockwork moving toward the light. Ricordea are photosynthetic. Once placed inside your tank, be sure to keep a low to moderate water flow and moderate lighting too. As for food, phyto-plankton and zoo-plankton will do. Also they can be a little aggressive so you will want to keep them away from other corals. All these reasons along with their bright vivid colors make them a very desirable addition to any saltwater water aquarium.