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Parrotfish for Sale

Parrotfish (scientific name: scaridae) are a type of wrasse, and are best kept away from a reef tank as they will likely graze on the coral to remove algae. Their teeth are fused together to form a beak-like structure which gives them their name. Inside their throat are teeth that grind down the coral in order to separate it from the algae. They literally poop undigested coral.

Other interesting facts about parrotfish - they can change their sex and colors during their lifetime. At night some parrotfish secret mucous from an organ that is in their head. The mucous acts as a cocoon. It is believed that this is to protect them from predators. Queen parrotfish excrete this type of mucous.

Foxy Saltwater Tropicals offers a wide variety of sub-tropical Atlantic Parrotfish for sale and the majority of them qualify for free shipping. We carry Stoplight, Midnight, Queen, Blue and more. These fish can grow up to about 20 inches in length and have a non-aggressive temperament. Remember you'll need to have a large tank with a nice supply of rock to keep them well fed. Plus marine plants for cover.