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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Blood Red Ultra Rock Anemone

Blood Red Ultra Rock Anemone

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Blood Red White Lace Border Ultra Rock Anemone

Surrounded by a white lace border, this particular bright red ultra rock anemone is absolutely stunning. Utilizing blue spectrum lighting will further enhance the vibrant color of this ultra rock flower. This is a one of a kind addition to any reef tank. We also carry a similarly stunning anemone with a green lace border. This sea anemone is a great addition to any rock flower anemone garden!

Typical size we ship ranges from 1" to 3" in size. Our saltwater anemone are acquired from the waters of the coast of the Florida Keys.

Once you place these rock flower anemone in your tank, they will attach to a rock of the substrate. They usually bury their base so you will only see their discus and their tentacles which they use to pull food towards them.

Caring for Your Saltwater Anemone

The saltwater anemone we sell are reef safe. They can be aggressive in nature as they are carnivores so you may want to keep them away from other corals. Also they don't play well with Clown Fish, so keep that in mind when filling out your aquarium.

  • Lighting: Moderate to High. Use Blue LED lighting to bring out their brilliant fluorescent colors.
  • Feeding: mushed fish, brine shrimp, mysis.
  • Supplements: Iodine and trace elements
  • Water temperature ranges should be between 76 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Water Flow: low to moderate
  • PH Blance between 8.1 to 8.3
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