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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Green-Yellow Whip Gorgonian (under 10")

Green-Yellow Whip Gorgonian (under 10")

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Green Yellow Whip Gorgonians, a.k.a. Yellow Sea Whip

Sourced directly from the waters of the Florida Keys, these Yellow Whip Gorgonians are very hardy and will do well in your saltwater reef aquarium. They are also referred to as a Yellow Sea Whip, however these gorgonians tend to be a yellowish green color. Yellow Whip Gorgonians resemble a tree without leaves, but their polyps give it a somewhat fuzzy appearance. It's a nice type of hardy gorgonian. And they are photosynthetic which means minimal feeding and minimal food supplements. Yellow Sea Whips are great for beginner enthusiasts. These corals can be fragged too.

Our yellow sea whips make a great play for your seahorses to latch onto.

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