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Haitian Pink Tip Condylactis Anemone

Haitian Pink Tip Condylactis Anemone

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Haitian Pink Tip Anemone

The Haitian Pink Tip Anemone, also known as the Pink-Tip Condy (scientific name: Condylactis Anemone) is found near Haiti in shallow lagoons or on inner reefs. Sometimes they are referred to as Florida Pink-Tipped Anemone as well since they can be found in other parts of the Caribbean ocean.

It has long, pink-tipped tentacles and a red foot or base. The tentacles may occasionally develop a bubble like appearance. Generally it likes to bury the base in the sand or into the crevice of a rock for protection. They have long tentacles and they can reach up to 20 inches in length. The base of the condy can grow to the size of a tennis ball. Unlike the other anemone the Pink-Tip Condy is more likely to move around by contracting the muscles on their base. Sometimes they may even crawl on their side. They can also live to be up to 80 years old.

The pink tip condy is a carnivore and uses their stingers to catch fish. They will eat zooplankton and fish as well as some invertebrates. They eat clownfish so be sure not to place clown fish in the tank.

These Haitian anemone are photosynthetic and require strong lighting as they have zooxanthellae algae living in their tissue which also provides them with nutrients.

To keep your condy healthy, you will need to have your saltwater tank setup correctly. This anemone is a temperate anemone, meaning it prefers cooler water. Water temperature will need to be kept between 68 – 75 degrees F. You may need to use a chiller depending on where you live. You will definitely need a large enough tank due to its size, so consider 50 gallons as a minimum for a fully grown condy.

How To Care for Pink Tip Anemones

Haitian Pink Tip Anemones do require moderate attention. Below are some guidelines and tips on caring for the Pink-Tip Condy.

Temperament: Aggressive

Feeding: Fish, shrimp, mussels clams and other similar foods.

Lighting: High, make sure you have strong lightening in place

Waterflow: Moderate

Water Temperature: 68.0 to 75.0 F

Keep Away From: Clownfish and any other fish. Also keep away from Red leg hermit crabs.

Can Be Kept With: Clearner shrimp, arrow and emerald crabs and cardinal fish.

Aquarium Size: Should be on the larger size. 50 gallons at least.

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