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Purple Rod Gorgonian (under 10")

Purple Rod Gorgonian (under 10")

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Purple Rod Gorgonian (Purple Candalabra gorgonian)

Purple Rod Gorgonian are photosynthetic and require a moderate skill level to maintain. These will typically reach about 12 inches in height when they are fully grown. When you provide the correct amount of light and water flow, they will prove to be a fairly durable is not visually appealing addition to your saltwater reef tank. The purple rod gorgonian for sale at Foxy Saltwater Tropicals are collected from the waters of the Caribbean, just of the coast of the Florida Keys.

This gorgonian is considered to be semi-aggressive and can sting neighbors that are too close. Be sure to place them a safe distance from other corals that are in your aquarium.

Purple Rod can be fragged with care. They have also been know to reproduce in captivity.

How To Care For Your Purple Rod Gorgonian Coral:

  • In order to prevent algae and cyanobacteria from growing on them, you must ensure a high water flow. The bacteria will cause your gorgonian to deteriorate rapidly, resulting in red band or black band infections. It is still possible for your gorgonian to develop cyanobacteria even if you are strict about water flow and lighting needs. Should this happen you can do a freshwater dip which will kill the bacteria. Trimming off infected branches can also help and result in a possible recovery.
  • Moderate to high lighting is necessary as these are photosynthetic marine life. .
  • Although the purple bush is photosynthetic, additional weekly food supplements of marine snow, zooplankton or banded shrimp are recommended.

We carry several types of purple gorgonians for sale such as: Purple Whip and Purple Frilly. These are very competitively priced.

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