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Purple Whip Gorgonian (under 10")

Purple Whip Gorgonian (under 10")

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Purple Whip Gorgonian aka Purple Ribbon Gorgonian

We source our Purple Whip Gorgonian from the waters off the coast of the Florida Keys. This is one the strongest gorgonians I sell so it is easier to keep than other varieties of gorgonian. It also very common in the areas where I dive, which is why we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing on the this purple whip gorgonian coral.

The purple whip gorgonian is not an aggressive species of coral, however it is recommend that you give it enough space and don't place it to close to any other types of coral. You can place it in the substrate or anchor it to a piece of live rock with epoxy.

Purple Whip Gorgonian Requirements:

  • The purple whip requires a strong intermittent waterflow. This is very important to prevent the growth of harmful algae. Algae problems will cause cyanobacteria to grow on your gorgonian. If it is not removed asap your coral will become sick and actual deteriorate rather quickly.
  • Lighting definitely needs to be moderate to high as this coral is photosynthetic.
  • Supplemental feeding of zooplankton and filter feeding foods are usefully to keep your gorgonian happy and healthy. Filter feeding food types include frozen brine shrimp and other flaked fish.

This particular coral is a very deep purple gorgonian that adds great color to any reef aquarium. If you love the color purple, be sure to check out our other purple gorgonians for sale: Purple Bush and Purple Frilly. Both are also very competitively priced.

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