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Red Finger Gorgonian (under 10")

Red Finger Gorgonian (under 10")

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Red Gorgonian / Red Finger Gorgonian

We source our beautiful Red Gorgonian coral from the deep waters off the Florida Keys. Red Gorgonians are also referred to as Red Finger Gorgonian or Red Sea Rods and Red Tree Gorgonians. They are typically found at depths of 60 to 100 feet. Red sea rods have very colorful branches covered with white frilly polyps. Best way to view your red finger gorgonian is to keep your aquarium lightening low. We've found night time is best.

You can expect to receive a red gorgonian that is 6 to 8 inches in height. Please keep in mind, while this is a type of coral, you will need to stay on top of water conditions and feeding your red finger gorgonian. These are non-photosynthetic corals. A properly cared for red sea rod will thrive in your saltwater aquarium!

They have a non-aggressive temperament, but we do recommend giving them a nice amount of space in your tank.

Care and Maintenance of Red Gorgonians:

  • Lighting: We recommend low lighting.
  • Water Flow: Must be medium to strong.
  • Water Temperature: Water temperature needs to be cool. 68 to 75˚F. A chiller may be needed to keep the temperature at the right setting for these deep water corals.
  • Feeding: Red gorgonians are carnivores and require daily feeding.
    • Baby Brine Shrimp
    • Frozen thawed foods
    • PhytoPlan
    • Filter Feeding foods meant for invertebrates. Consider a planktonic drip.
  • Supplements: Trace elements, iodine, strontium and calcium are highly recommended.
  • Micro algae & Cyanobacteria: Keeping your tank in tip top shape is a must. Micro algae is very detrimental to the health of your red gorgonian. Low lightening and proper water flow will help reduce the chance of micro algae developing in your tank.
  • Reproduction: Branches are brittle and do break off easily which helps with propagation.

We also sell these in yellow. The yellow finger gorgonians are equally as beautiful. Check out our seahorses. They love using red and yellow finger gorgonians as hitching posts.

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