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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Red Rock Anemone 3 Pack (medium/large)

Red Rock Anemone 3 Pack (medium/large)

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Red Rock Anemone

Add some Red Rock Anemone to your aquarium for added vibrancy and pop. These red rock anemone are completely reef safe and a great investment for any anemone enthusiast. It can take about 40 minutes for them to find their new home and attach themselves to the perfect rocky substrate in your saltwater tank.

These anemone are sourced from the Caribbean and are shipped directly from us to you. Rock flowers are hardy specimen that you can readily keep in your aquarium, even if you are a beginner hobbyist. Just be sure to provide meaty feedings for healthy growth and moderate to bright lighting.

Red Rock Flower Anemone Feeding and Tank Care

Here are some red rock flower anemone feeding tips - they are pretty easy to care for as long as you follow these basic aquarium tank care guidelines below.

  • Anemones are carnivores so they should be fed meaty foods every few days to help ensure healthy growth.
    • Fatty fish are recommended for feeding your anemone: silversides, mysis shrimp, and other mushed fish make a great meal.
  • Medium to high lighting is recommended
  • LED lights - seriously make these look great
  • Remember they are carnivores and their tentacles will reach out to sting their prey
  • Typically stay in one place once they settle in - no need to move them around.

Looking for spectacular colors? Check out our Ultra Rock Flowers native to the Florida Keys and the Caribbean; we've got great variety (and reviews too): Red & White Lace, Atomic Green & RedRasta Ultra Rock, Key Lime Pie and Pink Pin Striped. Remember - photos don't do justice for the amazing color that these rock flowers have.

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