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Ulva lettuce (Sea Lettuce)

Ulva lettuce (Sea Lettuce)

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Ulva Lettuce (Sea Lettuce)

Ulva Lettuce also referred to as sea lettuce is an excellent addition to any tank or aquarium. Not only does this macro algae have excellent filtration capabilities, but it also is a great food source for herbivorous fish. Ulva lettuce is found throughout the ocean globally and is a bright green color. These will grow to approximately 12' inches in size and float freely in your tank system.

Ulva require good lighting and some supplements such as trace elements, iron and magnesium for best health. For best filtration of your tank, you'll want to place this algae where this is high water flow for the most absorption of nitrates and phosphates is attained. This macro algae also doubles as a great food source for fish, in fact mos herivore fish will consume Ulva algae.

The portion of sea lettuce that you will receive is about baseball size.

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