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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Yellowhead (Pearly) Jawfish

Yellowhead (Pearly) Jawfish

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The Yellowhead Jawfish is a hardy fish. It tends to be shy and is best kept with other docile fish at first, then its personality comes out and they tend to people watch!. It will not bother other tank mates. It needs to have a soft substrate such as sand of various particle sizes. This fish will spend much of its time in its burrow and when it does venture out, if it is startled, it will bolt back into its burrow tail first with lightning speed. As long as the tank is large enough, several can be kept in the same tank. Multiple specimens provide very interesting behavior as they "dance" up and down in the burrow. Supply various size rocks among the soft substrate to help reinforce the burrows against them; rockpiles are ideal. One cool characteristic is that since it is a mouth breeder, the male will hold the eggs in his mouth. The Yellowhead Jawfish is typically a shy feeder, eating very small live foods that wander near its burrow in the wild. In the tank, it can be enticed with brine shrimp, bloodworms, or other meaty foods. 

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